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OrCam MyEye 2 test

The OrCam MyEye 2’s predecessor was cumbersome in comparison, as it required a separate unit for it’s processor and battery connected to the camera via cable, meaning you would need a spare pocket to keep it. This new iteration rids you of this bulk, as it is completely self contained in a package around the size of a lipstick, or slightly bigger than a memory stick for the blokes reading this.

This new version comes packed full of selectable and customisable modes that include facial recognition with up to 100 profiles, product recognition for up to 200 of your favourite products, auto-reader, QR scanner and money reader.

I got the opportunity to sit in on the demonstration we hosted at The Dene Centre, the result, I was blown away with it, the things it can do and the things OrCam are hoping to develop, a lot of which will be through software updates that will be freely available to all MyEye owners, even the previous models, of which benefits I will divulge into towards the end of this review.

At present the MyEye 2 can read any text, printed or digital, which includes road signs, buses numbers and destinations. It can also tell you if you if there is a person in front of you and inform you that “There is a man/woman in front of you” for when person who you do not have stored in the facial recognition program.

It recognises simple hand gestures like; raising your hand to stop it reading, e.g. it has read the article in a newspaper you were interested in and do not want to here the next story, and placing your finger on a line of text, e.g. trying to find something specific on a menu.

To read anything in the camera’s/your view, you simply tap on the outside of the MyEye 2 and it takes a photo, processes it and read it to you. There are several volume settings that you change by placing your finger on the outside of the device and slide your finger towards the front to turn it up and slide it backwards to turn it down.

The software updates and future integrations include Bluetooth connectivity, due to be added within the next 3 months. The ideas they want to work towards is advance the technology to distinguish everything in your surroundings in front of you, for example, doors, stairs, stairways, etc.

Now we get to the rather large elephant in the room, cost. The price for the MyEye 2 is £3,500, which is a lot of money, however, it could be a justified purchase depending on your circumstances. As we are on the topic of price, this is where the link to the previous model comes in as it has all of the same software the MyEye 2 has, but at a slightly more manageable price tag of £2,500.

The cons to the MyEye 2 is the battery life is only an hour and a half of continuous use compared to the 4 hours of continuous use on the MyEye 1, however you can charge it on the go with power a bank, where even the lower spec power banks could charge the MyEye 2 fully, multiple times.

Included in the price of the MyEye 2 you get; a couple of brackets to attach to your glasses, a pair of standard glasses, training with the device provided by a rep, a lanyard to carry it around with you, without losing it and a case. You also get a 30 day free trial that starts after you’ve been fully trained with the device.


It’s could be empowering to anyone with a visual impairment, the only downside, as listed above, is the astronomical price, but it will come down to how much you value the ability to “see” again and regain your independence, but this will differ from each person. It’s a fascinating product that deserves consideration before dismissing it, based on it’s 1 flaw.

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