What our volunteers say about us

“I have been a volunteer at NDF for just over a year, carrying out admin tasks in the office.  It has been a good way of keeping my admin skills up to date whilst doing something useful for NDF.  It is good to be appreciated by the other members of the team for the work I do.  It is also good to be able to share what my wife is going through (she has chronic pain) with people who understand and are supportive of our situation.  I have come to appreciate how much Janice and the Trustees do with the limited funding at their disposal to further the cause of disabled people in Newcastle”.
Mike Ward

“I have loved volunteering with NDF, everyone who is part of this organisation is hard working and friendly and are always willing to give advice and impart valuable knowledge. I have learned more than I could have imagined whilst volunteering and have been introduced to a whole range of opportunities available and have gained diverse experience within the voluntary sector which would not have been possible without the support of NDF”.
Eleanor Calboutin

“Since starting as a volunteer at NDF, I’ve come to know how much work is involved in the problem solving of disabled people’s everyday living issues.  I am involved in office work e.g. preparing Health and Safety procedures; attending meetings with the local authority and the NHS; participating in the Forum’s Access Group looking at access in relation to roads, pedestrian crossings etc.  I have also attended a conference in London.  My personal life is being enriched by the diversity of participation in all I do at NDF and my mental and physical health benefits greatly”.
Ernie Miller